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September 14, 2004
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Vagalume -F.L. Series- by Staldren Vagalume -F.L. Series- by Staldren
You can find out how to achieve that light effect here: [link]

Second work and third warrior from Forgotten Legend. Vagalume (Wandering Fire / Light).

In this work I have used everything I know about shading, lighting, blending and color matching. The background is not very detailed because I wanted to center all the attention on the character. The core of the piece is in her eyes (multiple lights added) and the most difficult part was designing her clothes (made from a blanket, joining and deforming pieces), can't remenber how many hours I worked to make those clothes look natural. Some other accesories were added, blended and shaded to give more personality to the work. The photo already had a light coming from the left side, and the shadow (yep, on the opposite side), I used that, making the lights and shadows stronger, applying the same effect on the other objects. Smudge tool was slighty applied (manually) on the whole piece to "upgrade resolution -1-", BUT, this time the smudging was very, very reduced to prevent blurriness (1 pixel Z + 1 pixel Y offset). You can still spot some blurry sectors, without affecting the quality more than the previous grainyness. I am Improving my techniques (woohoo!).

-1- Actually, there is no way to upgrade resolution, some grainyness can be removed by using the smudge tool manually, in very short ranges, as I mentioned before: 1Z + 1Y offset (with more than 2 pixels you will get too much blurriness), without touching edges. This is much better than Smart Blur filter, you just have to be very careful with the edges, and of course, you need a lot of patience.

These works wouldn't be possible without the excellent stock and tools provided.


Vagalume and accesories: *lockstock
Background: *resurgere

Tools: PhotoShop 7

En este trabajo usé todos mis conocimientos sobre sombreado, iluminación, mezclado y combinación de colores. El fondo no está muy detallado porque quería centrar toda la atención en el personaje. El centro de la pieza está en sus ojos (se agregaron múltiples luces) y la parte más difícil de trabajar fue la ropa (hecha de una manta, juntando y deformando piezas). Ya no recuerdo cuántas horas pasé tratando de hacer que esas ropas se vieran naturales. Se agregaron algunos otros accesorios, se mezclaron y sombrearon para dar más personalidad al trabajo. La foto ya tenía una luz que venía de la izquierda, y sombra (al lado opuesto, claro), usé eso a mi favor haciendo las luces y las sombras más fuertes, y luego aplicando el mismo efecto en la ropa y accesorios. La herramienta smudge fue usada levemente (en forma manual) en toda la pieza para mejorar algunas texturas de baja resolución, PERO, esta vez el uso de esta herramienta fue muy, muy reducido para prevenir alguna borrosidad (1 pixel Z + 1 pixel Y de desface). Aun se pueden hallar algunos sectores borrosos, que no afectan la calidad del trabajo más que el granulado previo. Estoy mejorando mis técnicas (woohoo!).

(1) En realidad no hay forma de aumentar la resolución, el granulado se puede remover usando el Smudge manualmente, en trazos muy cortos, como mencioné antes: 1Z + 1Y de desface (con más de dos pixeles empieza a ser excesiva la borrosidad), sin tocar los bordes. Esto es mucho mejor que el filtro Smart Blur, solo debes cuidar los bordes, y porsupuesto, tener mucha paciencia.

No sería posible realizar estos trabajos sin el excelente material y herramientas proporcionadas.
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ejceman Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
just learning , so I'm just looking... I got QUITE a ways to go . I don't even know the terms , but I be for finding out
FrozenStarRo Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there :wave:
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I would really appreciate it if you didn't reply here, but posted a comment on the news article instead.
Thank you and keep up the good work!
agnijith Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very beautiful...
VesperAgain Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008
Breathtaking. She looks like a warrior who was once a gentle, innocent girl, but has put the past firmly behind her. Her innocent features remain, but they have a determined, harsh quality about them now. She seems to have been caught having a sudden, unexpected and sad flashback. The clothes are beautiful, and so is the background.

I have one thing to say though. The light that is streaming from the ray is not parallel to the rest. Otherwise, breathtaking.
rhunel Featured By Owner May 14, 2008   General Artist
Wow, gorgeous! One to definitely watch!
damer46514 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008
thise is a greeet pictur love the lighting the clothes all of it
MiraLu Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2008
Wow, this is truly beautiful, and I really appreciate all the info you wrote on the work you did!
natyismyhero Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2007
Her lips make her look a little like Drew Barrymore!!! Love the pic!!!
Al-Kabeer Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007
Excellent work!
retrocat Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic dress!
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